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Pedagogy and AI (2): Provocations, discussions, and future prospects

Wednesday 22 November 2023, 2:30-4:30pm

Following our extremely successful work shop on Exploring Generative AI Tools for Teaching and Research  on November 15, which was the first of two events in the Pedagogy and AI series of events organized jointly by the Pedagogic Research in the Arts (PRiA) Institute and the Digital Creativity and Cultures Hub (DCCH), we are delighted to welcome you to the second PRIA/DCCH workshop on Pedagogy and AI (2): Provocations, discussions, and future prospects.

If you are a pedagogue/researcher/scholar in the Faculty of AHC or an interested stakeholder in the ways through which Arts, Humanities, and Cultures disciplines provoke critical discussions about the pasts, presents, and futures of AI please join us on November 22 (Wednesday) at 2:30 in the HELIX classroom.

We will have Prof. Jeff Grabill (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Education) deliver a special lecture on “We've all figured out that robots can write, and so now it's time to wrestle with some questions of learning”.
This will be followed by a workshop on Critical AI pedagogies facilitated by Dr. Dibyadyuti Roy, Programme Director of the BA in Cultural and Media Studies, and based in School of Fine Art, History of Art, and Cultural Studies.

You need no specific preparation to join the talk and the workshop: just drop by with your thinking (and questioning) hats on! However, if you’d like to explore resources beforehand, we recommend the following:

You can let us know you're coming by registering for the event here [UoL login required].